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Real Estate Foreclosure Investing: Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

You'd have to be dead not to be moved by the foreclosure stories in the press, on television and maybe even in your own neighborhood. Americans in particular find their identity through their homes. Although a house does not make a home, any kind of foreclosure can drive a person crazy. This is now the best and worst times for real estate foreclosure investing.

Sticks And Stones

It is recommended that you keep your enthusiasm for real estate foreclosure investing to an absolute minimum. Although there is nothing illegal in real estate foreclosure investing, the current American recession has made the general public very easily angered. The general public looks at the turmoil, weeping and destruction around a simple HUD foreclosure home and then assumes that you are a heartless Scrooge for being into real estate foreclosure investing.

The best thing you can do in this situation is not to argue back. You quietly do the best you can with the foreclosure property that's fallen into your lap and turn it onto a home for someone. If you believe in a God of some sort, than you can pray for the people who were kicked out of the home you now own. By giving generously to homeless shelters and Habitat for Humanity, you also prove that you are putting your money back into the community and not just in your pocket.

Trust In Allah, But Tie Up Your Camel

It also is a sad fact that some people are trying to take revenge in any way they can on anyone who takes possession of their former home. On the morning of this writing (July 24, 2008) a Massachusetts woman committed suicide in a foreclosed home that was going under auction.

It has been suggested by housing experts that as the America housing crisis grows, so will the revenge patterns. Homemade bombs are being found, tons of pets locked in a home to die of starvation and someone leaving a ten foot alligator with attitude has also occurred. In this day and age, you need to keep your identity a secret and get a good security system for your home.

You need to keep your guard up about strangers coming around your house, calling your or offering business proposals. You need to educate everyone in your family not to talk to strangers, or let a strange person in the home. Even though you might trust that no one will so crazy as to try to hurt you over real estate foreclosure investing, you never know. As the old saying goes, "Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel."


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