Government Home Foreclosure May Offer Best Deals

Possibly some of the best deals on real estate are available with a government home foreclosure, as most entities are more willing to sell the property for any amount of money it is owed on the home. Past due income taxes, property taxes, bankruptcy and even court fees and fines can be grounds for a government home foreclosure as they take possession of the property in order to recoup money owed to the government. Still, selling homes at near the fair market value is one of the goals in home sales of this type.

Reading the classified ads can often give details about government home foreclosure sales, typically performed at a public auction. The property is also usually open for inspection prior to the home foreclosure auction and enough time is given for potential buyers to research the true value of the property as well as adjacent properties before bidding. It pays to thoroughly research the property as, in some instances, there may be costs hidden in purchasing from a government home foreclosure sale that do not come apparent until after the deal is made.

There have been many movies in which the land owner was able to come up with the taxes they owed just as the property was going to auction and with government home foreclosure properties, this is an accurate depiction. The owner has until the time of the sale in which to make good on their debt to remove the property from the auction block.

Reasons Vary For Homeowners' Loss

There are a variety of reasons a government home foreclosure sale will take place and the reason for the sale will also help determine any minimum bid accepted for the property. If there is no mortgage on a property that has been put up for auction based on past due taxes, usually the government only wants that amount, plus the administrative costs of the government home foreclosure and sale.

In these instances, homes can be purchased sometimes for pennies on the dollar of value while the homeowner's debt is settled with the government. Some government agencies may have guaranteed the loan to a lender and once the property is foreclosed upon, the government will pay the lender the guaranteed amount and put the property up for sale at a government home foreclosure auction, with the minimum acceptable bid being what is owed. Typically, these properties will not sell for less than two-thirds of the home's value.


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