A Look At The Best Free Foreclosure Listing Site

If you have been trying to find free foreclosure listings but have not been happy with the results then I am here to help. I was looking for free foreclosure listings but was not satisfied, as every web site I came across seemed to want to sell me something. Since I was just looking for some free foreclosure listings and it was in the banks best interest to show them to me I was becoming extremely irritated by this. That is when I found freeforeclosuredatabase.com. This website was filled with free foreclosure listings from all across the United States and gave me the properties with pictures in an easy to search format. Some of these bank foreclosure listings can be outstanding deals.

Navigating The Free Foreclosure Listing Web Site

The first thing that you notice is how simplistic the website is. You can quickly and easily select a state to do a search from, or enter criteria in the left hand search box. This box is completely adjustable so you can target the area you want. You can select a town, a zip code or simply a state to search. This will hone you in on the houses that you want to find. In addition you can select a minimum and maximum price range as well as property type. For additional options you can search on a specific brokerage firm or agent if you have someone in mind to work with. If you only want homes with images than simply check the box and those will be your results.

Once you have entered your criteria in the free foreclosure listing search section, you can now dial in and examine the properties. In this detail section there is a ton of good information that can help you to make a decision as to whether or not you should look at a property. The first thing you notice is the obvious picture of the home. While you cannot for sure purchase a house based on this, you can for sure rule one out. Boarded up, trashed roof, falling in porch, all of these things probably mean it is not in your best interest to look into the house. Next up is the contact information for the broker who is selling it. This way you have a point of contact to call and discuss the property. Lastly it has the price. This will also give you a good idea of whether or not you should invest in the property.

So as you can see this free foreclosure listing web site gives you all the information you need to start your research into whether or not you should get a foreclosed home. If you get a chance give a quick look and see what you think.


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