A Foreclosure Listing Service That Can Help You Find The Right Property

I have spent years buying and selling homes and throughout my time I always wondered why it was so difficult to find a quality foreclosure listing service. Part of me wondered why banks were not doing more to promote this and why they were not setting up a quality foreclosure listing service to promote their homes. You would think that a consolidated foreclosure property listing would only help them to sell unwanted property and cut their losses.

Well finally someone has compiled a comprehensive foreclosure property listing - freeforeclosuredatabase.com. This website has everything I need to make finding foreclosures a breeze. Read on to find out more details and why I use them exclusively now.

Using The Foreclosure Listing Service

This foreclosure listing service website is simple, but allows you to search for properties in many different ways. You cab drill down by selecting a state, then a city, then a zip code and down to a specific neighborhood. You can filter by price range, agent, brokerage firm or property type. Some listings have pictures while other do not. Even with a picture there is no substitution for seeing the property yourself. Be sure you are able to see the property before even talking about purchasing. Many of the properties that this foreclosure listing service advertise have maps to show you the exact location of the property, so you can just get out and drive around to look at some in your area.

You can check out the neighborhood and exterior of the house before even showing interest in the property. Are there schools, parks or other amenities nearby? Are the surrounding properties in good shape and well maintained? Has the property been kept up or will there be a lot of costs associated with giving the property some curb appeal. If the outside of the property and the neighborhood looks good, then you can contact an agent to tour the rest.

If you have the means to do some real estate investing this foreclosure listing service could help you to find the perfect house to make a profit. Just remember that in today’s real estate market you may have to hold the property longer than you expected, and things could get worse before they get better, so the risk is high. But a well-timed house flip could net you big profits if you do your homework and get the help that you need.


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