Work With Lender To Stop Home Foreclosure

Contrary to what some people may believe, most lenders are willing to work with their customers to stop home foreclosure, as kicking people out of their home is not in their best interest. Taking possession of a home is expensive for lenders and despite many legal avenues to recoup that expense exist, most do not want to own a bunch of houses and the expense of repairs as well as sales in the future. Since lenders are not typically in the home management business, they usually help homeowners in finding ways to stop home foreclosure.

Obviously, the quickest and best way to stop home foreclosure is to make sure all payments are made on time, according to the mortgage contract. When circumstances arise that prevent that from happening, often times working with the lender will give the home buyer a chance to stop home foreclosure before it is too late. Although the process can be halted up to the time the home goes on the auction block, the sooner it is stopped the cheaper and less traumatic it will be.

There are some people who appear to be waiting in the shadows to buy a home that is going through foreclosure, sometimes for their own but usually as an investment. They may seem like they are hoping to benefit from someone else's misery, but if they can buy a pre foreclosure home it may also stop home foreclosure for the benefit of the owner.

Legal Wrangling Not Always Best Defense

While it may be true that some lenders used unethical practices to help people obtain their home mortgage, blaming the lender is not always the best way to stop home foreclosure proceedings. Working with the lender to make arrangements to get caught up on any past due payments while staying current on payments is probably the best way to stop home foreclosure.

However, this may not always be possible and, depending on the amount of equity in the home, obtaining a new mortgage may be an option. Better rates and lower monthly payments may also be the result of rewriting the mortgage agreement while at the same time being able to the stop home foreclosure process.

Taking out a second loan to pay past due payments on the mortgage may stop home foreclosure proceedings in the short term, but there will now be two payments to make and two different lenders that can start the process in the future.


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